It is with great sadness that we let you know that The Canine Country Club's last day of operation will be this Saturday Nov. 20th, 2021.  Although this may seem abrupt to many of you, our regular clients, friends, and colleagues know that we have been struggling to stay up and running since the shut down in March of 2020 

With us facing retirement in a few years, we cannot continue the struggle and are now being forced to close our doors for good.

To our friends and clients that have helped to support us for these 2 ½ years, we thank you for all the support and for bringing your dogs here for fun, therapeutic swimming, recovery, and exercise.    We enjoyed the sounds of families and friends playing in the activity room, the dog parties and the many dog friends that Halo played and swam with here.  We appreciate Susan Coleman, Cindy Hoppes and Karin Kirtner for training here and bringing in so many clients. We have a never ending appreciation for Diane Pekarek.  Thank you Diane for helping to build us, train us and be a huge part of our foundation.  Also sweet Rachel Saur for your energy and lessons on your gift of Reiki.  We have built friendships, met the most amazing dogs and appreciated how you showed doing more with your dog is not just healthy for the dog, but also their people.  A true effort to give your dogs the best life ever.

You have no idea how many of you I wanted to call personally to tell you this news, but needless to say, the words are hard to share right now.  I hope we can touch base soon.

Never, ever give up on your dreams.  You can make them happen.  We did it and will be forever grateful to everyone who cheered us on, helped us build it and enjoyed the ride.  We could not have done this without you.

God Bless all of you.  Hug your dogs for us and tell them we will miss them... along with all of you.


With Gratitude, cold noses and warm hearts,

We will miss you,

Art, Jude, Angela and Halo

If you have an upcoming appointment it will be cancelled and you should receive a notice via text or email.

NOTE:  If you have a deposit for an orientation, I will refund it directly to your credit card.  It may take a week or 2 to show.  Keep me posted if you do not see it.

If you have left over swims on a package I will be contacting you to see how you want the refund, cash or check.