Activity Room Prices:

  • Stay and Play (with owner):

    • Tues-Fri: $15 per half hour

    • Sat-Sun: $20 per half hour
      • For dogs of the same household: Up to 3 dogs then $5 per each additional dog

      • Limit 4 to 6 dogs depending on size and temperament

  • Drop and Play:
    • Tues-Fri: $20 per half hour.
    • Sat-Sun: $25 per half hour

Some dogs have a temperament that may require alone play in the Activity Room. Management of The Canine Country Club has the right to final decision making for canines who require private only play.

Multiple dogs from different households can play together with permission from all owners. Click below for more information.

Click here for more information on activity room services.


Aquatics Prices:


    • Tues-Fri:     $40.00

    • Sat-Sun:     $45.00

      • Low stress handling for Intro to Aquatics, including the Lifejacket, learning “ramp” both into and out of the water, and assessing the level of confidence in the water.

      • *Orientations are always private and 1 dog at a time. An orientation must be completed prior to booking any other swims. Low stress handling may require more than 1 session to positively acclimate your dog to water. Therefore, Orientation may require consecutive Private Swims.


    • Same pricing as Orientation


    • Tues-Fri: $30.00

    • Sat -Sun:     $35.00

      • Must be an INDEPENDENT SWIMMER

    • All dogs participating on Open Swim must be non-aggressive and comfortable around other dogs. The Canine Country Club reserves the right to require a reactive or under immunized dog to be a private swimmer.

  • Package Pricing available upon request.  



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