Aquatic Services

Swim Orientation: At your dog's swim orientation we determine their life jacket size, level of swim ability, and next steps for their swim sessions.  Your dog is taught how to safely get in and out of the water using the ramp.  Some dogs may jump right in, while others may take multiple sessions to get acclimated to the water.

Assisted Swim: Assisted swim sessions are for dogs who are not as confident in the water yet or who may require extra help or attention from staff (such as some senior pups or dogs recovering from injuries).  Assisted swims are required for all dogs who are not independent in the water yet.  Any dog that is not yet independent in the water will need to be the only dog in the pool for their session.  If you have multiple dogs in the same household that are all independent, you may book a private sessions for up to 4 dogs of the same household at once.

Independent Swim:  Independent swims are for dogs who are confident in the water. You may bring 2 dogs from the same household to participate in an independent swim at once for an extra fee.  If you would like to bring more than 2 dogs from the same household we ask that you book an assisted session instead. 

smiling white dog swim.jpeg