Our facility features a year-round, indoor pool designed specifically for dogs and their owners. It utilizes an advanced filtration system, combined with specialized minerals and a UV light that destroys many forms of bacteria that regular pool chemicals do not fully destroy, providing a clean swimming experience. The warm-water pool requires a small, but very safe amount of chlorine, which allows the pool to stay clean, but pet’s skin healthy. Additionally, our pool features a ramp for easy access in and out of the water. Canine life jackets are provided from size XS-XL and our staff is trained in canine CPR and first aid.

For your convenience, we have an observation window in our lobby.  You can stay on the pool deck and play with your dog yourself or you can watch your dog swim from the comfort of the lobby while enjoying free coffee and WiFi,

For the safety of your pet, our clients, and our staff, The Canine Country Club requires first-time swimmers at our facility to have a one-on-one orientation with our staff. This evaluation is to determine the fitness level and demeanor of your dog.

Swimming can be used for fitness, recreation, weight loss, relaxation, and so much more!

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