Download the forms below by clicking the name of the form.  Please return prior to your first session.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your first session to allow enough time for staff to add you to our system.

Any dog using the aquatics facility will need veterinary approval prior to swimming.  Please have your vet fill out the form and return it to us prior to your first session. Please have your vet fill out a separate form for each dog.

Please sign and return the bottom portion of the club rules.  This is required for any dog using the facility amenities. You only need to sign one club rules per household.

Please sign and return the liability agreement. Please include any children that you are the parent or guardian of that may attend the facility with you and your dog. You only need one liability agreement per household.

Any dog and owner using the facility need a client intake form.  If you have more than three dogs please feel free to use the back or attach additional sheets as needed.  When filling out questionnaire please specify pet. 

Please sign and return to let us know if it is okay for us to take photos of you and your dog! Only one release is needed per household.  Please list all dogs names on applicable line.