Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we do a swim orientation?

In order to ensure our members and nonmembers are getting the best and safest experience in the water, our trained staff help teach your dog how to enter and exit the pool and evaluate their behavior in and around water..

What happens at swim orientation?

Our staff members will talk with you about your dog's previous experience with water.  They will then fit your dog for a life jacket.  Life jackets are required for all dogs at orientation regardless of previous experience.  The staff members will then begin orienting your dog with the water.  Some dogs may jump right in while others may be nervous.  We will NEVER push dogs in the water or use force to get dogs to swim!  We want all dogs to have a positive experience regardless of entering the water or not.  It is not guaranteed that your dog will swim at their orientation!

Once dogs are in the water the staff members will work with your dog on how to get in and out of the water using the ramp.  At the end of your session you will have the opportunity to rinse your dog off and dry them before heading home.

What happens if my dog does not get in the water?

If your dog does not immediately take to the water, staff members will talk with you and help you decide if you would like to move forward with more private sessions to help your dog become a swimmer.

If it is decided your dog is not a swimmer, that's okay!  We still have plenty to offer you.  Feel free to see our receptionist for upcoming events and ask about our play room.

We also understand that nobody likes to feel like they wasted their money.  If you decide within 7 days of your orientation that you would not like your dog to swim again we will offer you 2 Stay and Plays for 50% off with the play room orientation included!  However, if you decide you want your pup to swim again after redeeming this offer another swim orientation will be required before booking any sessions.

Can I swim with my dog?

Unfortunately, due to health code reasons only staff members are allowed in the water with your dog.  However, you are more than welcome to play with your dog from the pool deck.

Do you do boarding, daycare, or grooming?

We do not offer daycare, boarding or grooming at our facility.  However, we are happy to refer you to somewhere if needed.

My dog is reactive.  Can he/she still use your facility?

Yes!  Because we offer private sessions we are able to accommodate reactive dogs.  We have separate entrances that can go directly into the play area or pool.  Please let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate you and your pup!  For the safety of our staff we cannot allow dogs that are aggressive to humans.  Safety and comfort are our top priority.  We do reserve the right to refuse service if we feel your dog is posing a risk to staff, members, or other dogs.

Do you offer any packages?

Yes we do!  Please contact us regarding packages and we will help you choose the right one!

Do you have any breed restrictions?

Absolutely not!  We love dogs of all shape, size and breed!  If your dog is reactive please see question above.