An Alternative to Dog Parks

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Welcome to my first Blog! Where it seems that the pool is the big attention-getter here at The Canine Country Club, I thought I would make my first attempt at the BLOG, with attention to our activity room. I recently read the article linked at the end of this blog regarding dog parks and how they are not for everyone. I always felt uncomfortable with them, for safety and wellness reasons. The closer we came the The Canine Country Club becoming a reality, the more I decided to advocate for private time and play. Thank you for reading!

It seems there are mixed feelings regarding dog parks. I totally understand their popularity, especially in urban areas. They are free, mostly outdoors, and not only a great place for dogs to meet and greet, but dog owners/lovers as well. In all my years of dogs, I have never been to one with my own dog. I visited one without my dog on a sunny, weekend afternoon while considering attending. At that time, I had a dog of my own and was puppy raising for Canine Companions for Independence. The pup I was raising for CCI was not allowed, but I considered it could be a good outing for my own dog since the CCI pup gets to go out and about all the time. I suppose it may have been an off day, but I witnessed 2 dog fights. Which ended with owners also quarreling. (Both fights had the same dog initiate). Humping, jumping, and owners involved in people interaction while their dogs were off somewhere…. who knew? I liked that this park had a meet up fence. There was a sign explaining how you should have your dog hang out in there and let the ones inside sniff and welcome the new guy in slowly. No one did it and dogs were getting mauled coming in. (It was a beautiful day to be outdoors so maybe overcrowded?) Anyway, it stressed me out, and I never went back to one.

I know many people love dog parks and have many to go to, so I decided when we put together our indoor play area, I would advocate for those who cannot, or do not feel a dog park setting is for them, or their dog. Here is how:

Our 2000 Sq ft. room has double-layer rubber flooring, which is great for the health and well-being of growing pups, all the way to senior dogs with arthritis, post injury, or instability of any kind. The space is one dog a time, and of course their families. The door closes and no dogs unknown to them will enter. Our room is safe and filled with balls, toys and obstacle course items for fun and conditioning. Dogs that know each other are welcome to have play dates with the agreement of all owners involved, and we have trainers that offer indoor pack walks and on leash socialization in a safe and controlled learning environment.

I am not against dog parks, because I know they do work for many, but as more people tour the facility, I am happy to see the response of those who have had negative experiences, and their reply to having somewhere to play with their dog off lead! The world is a better place as the dog popularity grows. This opens a great opportunity for apartment and condo dwellers, or even people who cannot fence their yard due to neighborhood regulations, have small yards or dogs that are “runners”.

We have several clients who have dogs that are reactive to other dogs, but as sweet as can be to people. Maybe fear, bad experiences or who knows? They are so excited to have a place to play with their dog. They call us from the parking lot, we clear the way and bring them right into the room.

So check out the activity room! Warm in the winter. Cool in the summer. Have a cup of coffee and play with your dog. Carefree!

-Jude Johansen, Owner

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