April Dogs of the Month

For the month of April we actually have TWO dogs of the month! They are 2 beautiful and fun goldens from the same household. They love to come to the Country Club to swim and also enjoy the activity room to run and play as well. When one was picked for our dog of the month we knew we couldn't feature just one! We had to feature them as a pair. Lexi and Louie also enjoy coming to play with their cousin Violet, a black lab, in our activity room. We enjoy every swim with them. They are non stop entertainment!

We asked Lexi and Louie's owners to tell us a little more about them and here is what they said:

"Lexi and Louie are the best of friends. They are English Cream Golden Retrievers. Lexi is 3 and Louie is 2.5 years old. We have always been partial to Goldens and had two prior to Lexi and Louie. While we got them from the same breeder in Indiana they are not related and have very different personalities.

We got Lexi in Jan 2018. She was the last one left in the litter but we ended up with the perfect pup. She was quick to learn, loved everyone she met and immediately took to swimming on the Lake in early spring. Lexi loves spending summer days on our boat out on the Lake. The only thing Lexi loves more than Louie is playing ball. She always has a ball with her, even when sleeping.

We always knew we wanted two. Louie came to us in Oct 2018 after the first family he went to brought him back after realizing a puppy was not going to work for them. Louie stole are hearts and tested our patience. He loved mud, barking, snuggling and did I mention mud. In true Louie form, he ate his puppy graduation certificate soon after passing puppy class. Louie has that the happy go lucky Golden charm and loves to snuggle at the end of each day.

Lexi and Louie love swimming! The Canine Country Club has become their favorite time each week. They know as soon as we pull in where we are and can’t wait to jump in with Jude. Lexi barrels in as fast as she can while Louie prefers to saunter in and float around. They love playing with their cousin Violet (my sister’s black lab) and have enjoyed some activity room time and swim with her recently. We look forward to many more fun activities and swims at the club. Jude and Angie are definitely their two new favorite people."

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