February Dog of the Month

Our February Dog of the Month is Rufus! Rufus and his mom Jen use our activity room at The Canine Country Club in order to practice and record their freestyle routines. From the Canine Freestyle website "Canine Freestyle DogWork® is a choreographed performance with music, illustrating the training and joyful relationship of a dog and handler team." Click here for more information on Freestyle.

Jen also shared with us a couple of Rufus' routines!

Newcomer Routine:

Novice Routine:

Read more about Rufus below the photos!

We asked Jen to tell us more about Rufus and here is what she wrote:

"Rufus Cadbury had a considerable trip to end up with me. An English Labradoodle, was born in the UK and first adopted by Katherine Tighe. She and her husband Doug were living across the pond temporarily and brought Ru back to the US with them when they returned. However, when they got back they discovered that Rufus is quite afraid of rambunctious young children (mostly boys). And since the Tighe's circle of family and friends included a significant number of young children, they made the difficult decision to rehome Ru. My child-free home ended up being a perfect fit. I knew it was meant to be partly because of his name…which the Tighes gave him. But my first two dogs, both chocolate Labs, were named Hershey and Nestle. Rufus came to live with me when he was not quite two, and this April he will celebrate his ninth birthday.

I often describe Rufus as the sun in my universe. Everything revolves around him, and he lights up my life. He is my heart. Rufus brings joy and laughter and love into each and every day. We start every morning cuddling before we tackle the world, and we end it the same as we appreciate the day we had together. My "Little Bear" goes almost everywhere with me but if he does have to stay home because [gasp] dogs aren't permitted, then I leave him with his favorite puzzle toy, his bob-a-lot.

Rufus has his Canine Good Citizen certification, his advanced trick certification and we worked as a therapy dog team for a few years. We love hiking where Ru can practice his parkour skills and romp in any water source we might encounter. Every summer (when Covid isn't raging) we go to Camp Unleashed in the Berkshires. There we learned our greatest love--musical freestyle. We come to the Canine Country Club regularly so we can use the amazing play space, which is the perfect ring size for a freestyle performance. We compete via video submission and have recorded eight of our nine submissions at the Club. Rufus is definitely the superstar of our duo!"

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