Happy (Belated) New Year!

First, The Canine Country Club would like to thank all of you for your kind words, support, sharing your amazing dogs, for helping us stay open through this difficult time. A time so incredibly challenging for all small businesses. Also, to our trainers, staff, family, and friends who have stood behind us, and supported this dream into a reality. Without you this could not happen. Thank you so very much, from the bottom of our hearts.

We have some amazing opportunities for both dogs and their families for the new year. Please read on, as I would hate to have you miss anything up and coming.

Our current trainers will continue to utilize space at our Club. Susan Coleman, Cindy Hoppes and Karin Kirtner. We are anticipating a February class by a new trainer for those interested in Scent Work. More information to come and we will offer sign ups as soon as we settle the details.

Speaking of Scent work, Ken and Diane Pekarek are working on a Country Club Safari. A lesson on ENRICHMENT and how this effects a dog’s brain work and challenges their instincts! Did I mention also a fun interactive day for their people as well? Our hope is that can be a late February or March event, our inability to confirm yet rides on State guidelines. Stay tuned for the fun details.

We are starting a Dog of The Month on our Facebook, website blog, and Instagram pages. We will feature your dog with photos and their story, as well as gifting you with a $25.00 store credit for Club play or swimming. Fair payment for pulling on our heart strings.

Our biggest and newest attraction is that we are offering a 3 hour Getaway and play session. This is a pilot program and will be offered on Tuesdays, with a morning session 9 to noon, and an afternoon session 1pm to 4pm. The program will be limited to no more than 6 dogs. It is not a “day care” but a 3-hour retreat to “go fer a ride” and have some fun away from home. We are sorting the final details as we will be limiting it to non-reactive dogs, solely because, depending on the guests, we may have social playtime. We are also working on add-ons. Swimmers can add on a swim, also massages, reiki treatments or training with Susan Coleman. End of session goal is a tired dog, who is happy to come home to their families. STAY TUNED!

With all the talk about HORRIBLE 2020, we hope that you have sat back to count your blessing from that same year. We had many! A wedding of our daughter Nikki, a son in law we love, the engagement of our youngest (and the Country Club manger!) Angela, and a visit to our oldest daughter Sammi, now settled into her new life in North Carolina. Our small business is still standing, and our Canine family has added 2 grand dogs: A Great Dane and a French Bulldog. We wish all a happy 2021!

We are so grateful for all of you and of course your DOGS!!!!!!!!!!

Art, Jude, and Angela Johansen

The Canine Country Club

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