June Dog of the Month

Our June Dog of the Month is Reina! Reina is a three year old Spanish water dog and has been coming to the country club regularly for awhile now! Reina LOVES to swim. She is such a sweet and smart dog and always has us laughing with her silly antics.

We asked Reina's mom to tell us a little more about Reina. She told us that they picked Reina's name because it is the Spanish word for Queen (very fitting we think!). She said they researched the breed thoroughly before deciding. They wanted a dog that was loving, active, intelligent and ready for adventures. Her favorite activities are playing ball and swimming. You can't keep her out of water if it's there. She has an extensive ball collection at home and has been known to sniff out the location of new tennis balls despite being shut in a box, with the closet door shut as well. She also loves hiking and just being involved in anything we are going to do. She loves being around people, getting pets, and being cuddled. If you are willing to dish out the attention, she will happily take it. She likes doing food puzzles and learning new tricks! Here mom says that she has brought so much happiness and fun to their lives! Reina has such a sweet little soul and seems to be so in tune with others. She brings comfort to people when they are down, and is always making them laugh. Reina loves coming in and seeing her friends at the Canine Country Club!! Her favorite activity is swimming, of course. She lets you know as she is the one excitedly whining in the parking lot, through the lobby, while getting her life jacket put on, and as she sprints up the walkway to the pool every single week. It is her happy place, and it is so fun to see how happy she is. It makes me happy to see her having so much fun!

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