March Dog of the Month

Our March Dog of the Month is Huxley! Huxley is an adorable little Pomsky pup that started swimming with us in January. Huxley was a little nervous at first but with lots of encouragement from staff and Huxley's mom ended up swimming on his own after a couple sessions. Huxley loves to swim (but is still getting used to going down the ramp!) Huxley also enjoys coming to our puppy playtime with Susan Coleman on Sundays and joined us for our Scent Safari last week!

We asked Huxley's mom to tell us a little more about Huxley and why they love The Canine Country Club:

"Huxley is a 5 month old pomsky. He was named after the English author Aldous Huxley. We picked him up from Prescott, AZ last November and brought him to our home in Lakewood, OH, after months of waiting to find the perfect puppy. He quickly stole our hearts, and made himself the centerpiece of our lives. He loves making new canine and human friends, sitting on our balcony and watching the birds chirp in the morning, snuggling, and singing. His favorite part of the Canine Country Club is the incredibly passionate staff members, who go above and beyond for their pupstomers and always show him a great time!"

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