All swims begin with an orientation to assess your dog's swimming level.  After orientation we have both private and open swim options. 


During your dog's orientation we assess their swim level.  We use positive reinforcement to encourage dogs to get in the pool on their own.  Once dogs get in the water we teach them how to exit the pool via the ramp.  Not all dogs will get in during the first orientation. Orientations typically last 30 minutes.  

Private Swim

Private swims are for dogs who need extra assistance in the water, dogs who cannot swim with other dogs, or for owners who just prefer a private session.  Multiple dogs from the same household can share a private swim time if all dogs are independent  swimmers. 

Open Swim

Open swims may have other dogs swimming with your dog for a maximum of 4 dogs.  Any dog participating in open swim must be an independent swimmer.  If your dog requires extra help in the water they will need to book a private swim.  We do our best to match swimmers up based on energy level and swim ability.